Sticker for Bottle Packaging Online Shop Shopee Lazada Marketplace

Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ): 100 pieces
Paper: Mirrokote Sticker (glossy), Woodfree Sticker (Matte), Outdoor Sticker, Special Sticker (Gold, Hologram, Japan Washi, Tissue Sticker)
Size: Customizable Size and Shape (Both Horizontal and Vertical Available!)
Process Day(s): 3 Days upon Confirmation

Boost your online shop's presentation and marketing efforts with professional sticker printing, especially when selling on popular platforms like Shopee, Lazada, and Facebook Marketplace. Adding custom stickers to your packaging can create a lasting impact on customers, improving brand recall and overall satisfaction.

Custom stickers enable online shops to efficiently communicate critical information, such as handling instructions, ingredient lists, and product dimensions. Moreover, they present opportunities to get creative, injecting a touch of originality and positively influencing buyer behavior.

Optimizing packaging with bespoke stickers helps establish a consistent brand identity, setting yourself apart from competitors and encouraging repeat business. Consider investing in sticker printing to maximize your online shop's potential and capture the ever-growing digital marketplace audience.

提升您的在线商店展示和营销努力,通过专业的标签打印,尤其是在像Shopee、Lazada和Facebook Marketplace等流行平台上销售。向您的包装添加定制标签可以对客户产生持久影响,提高品牌记忆和整体满意度。



Naikkan taraf tampilan dan usaha pemasaran kilang anda secara online dengan penanda profesional, terutamanya apabila menjual di platform populer seperti Shopee, Lazada dan Pasar Maya Facebook. Menambahkan pegi pada penghantaran anda boleh membuat kesan yang hebat ke atas pelanggan, meningkatkan pengingatan band brand dan kepuasan umum.

Pegi pada membolehkan kilang online mengkomunikasi maklumat penting dengan efisiensi, seperti arahan tangan, senarai bahan mentah dan dimensi produk. Ia juga menawarkan peluang untuk kreatif, mengemaskini sesuatu yang unik dan mempengaruhi perilaku beli peserta dengan baik.

Mempertingkatkan pembungkusan dengan pegi pada membantu membina rangkaian identiti barangan yang konsisten, membezakan diri daripada persaingan dan mendorong perniagaan balik. Semak iklan untuk penandaan cetakan untuk maksimum potensi syarikat anda dalam pasaran digital yang berkembang selalu.


1. Subscription Services
Subscription services, such as meal kit providers and beauty product subscriptions, frequently employ custom stickers for their packaging. These stickers identify the contents, provide handling guidelines, and add a cohesive brand appearance. Examples include Hello Fresh, Birchbox, and FabFitFun.
2. Fashion and Apparel Brands
Clothing, accessory, and jewelry brands commonly opt for custom stickers for their packaging, gift cards, price tags, and swing tickets. Logos, QR codes linking to websites, and inspirational quotes are frequent inclusions. Some notable instances are ASOS, Forever 21, and Swatch.
3. Handmade Product Creators
Artists and creators who manufacture handmade products, such as candles, soap, skincare, or stationery, often integrate custom stickers to distinguish their brand and mark their creations. Examples of such entrepreneurs might include Esty sellers, indie candle makers, or small-batch skincare producers.
4. Small Business Owners
Small business owners looking to expand their reach and develop a distinct brand identity find custom stickers helpful in advertising, promotion, and establishing uniformity across their products and communications. Industries range from cafés, bookstores, salons, pet grooming centers, yoga studios, and beyond.
5. Tech Startups and Hardware Companies
Startups and hardware manufacturers in the tech space use custom stickers for device identification, serial number tagging, warranty documentation, and user manuals. Noteworthy instances include smartphone manufacturers (Apple, OnePlus), gaming peripheral companies (SteelSeries, HyperX), and innovative IoT devices (Nest, Amazon Echo).
6. Artist Portfolios and Marketing Materials
Visual artists and photographers seeking to promote themselves and their works employ custom stickers on portfolio covers, brochures, postcards, or flyers. These stickers showcase studio logos, website URLs, or event dates, helping attract potential clients and gallery representatives.
7. Educational Institutions and Student Projects
Schools, colleges, universities, research facilities, and student projects sometimes capitalize on custom stickers for organizer badges, project displays, lab equipment, club activities, and sports teams. These institutions aim to inspire unity, collaboration, and school spirit amongst students, faculty, and staff.
8. Sports Teams and Athletic Equipment
Professional athletes, amateurs, recreation groups, and sporting good suppliers implement custom stickers to indicate ownership, sponsorship, league affiliations, or commemorate tournament victories. Team emblems, player signatures, and motivational phrases can appear on helmets, bicycles, surfboards, gym gear, or fitness apparel.
9. Automotive Workshops and Dealerships
Workshops, dealerships, auto parts distributors, and car enthusiasts prefer custom stickers for vehicle registration, maintenance records, spare part identification, diagnostic decoding, and decorative modifications. Popular automobile brands include Ferrari, Lamborghini, BMW, Mercedes, Toyota, Ford, etc.
10. Public Transportation Systems and Urban Areas
Public transportation networks, city administrators, and urban planners occasionally adopt custom stickers for buses, trains, trams, ferries, taxis, parking lots, public spaces, and emergency vehicles to denote route maps, schedules, rules, warnings, or operational procedures. These stickers aid commuters and pedestrians alike in navigating complex systems and environments.

While this list represents just a fraction of possible applications, it demonstrates the vast utility of professional sticker printing across countless domains and contexts. Integrating custom stickers into existing operations can yield significant benefits, ranging from enhanced brand recognition to improved organizational efficiency.

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