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Borneo Expo 2024 Business Event BE in Sabah 3rd May to 5th May | Company Event

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 The 3-day Borneo Expo 2024 has successfully come to an end!


 14 May 2024
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Out with the old, in with the new 辞旧迎新 |

Emboldened by our pursuit of excellence, CCS Printing has grown exponentially over the years, surmounting obstacles and expanding horizons.

 12 Mar 2024
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Company Trip CCS Printing 2024 Pulau Manukan Sabah |

Terima kasih yang sebenar kepada semua sahabat dan rakan di CCS Printing kerana usaha dan dedikasi yang hormat kita lihat setiap hari.

 07 Feb 2024
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BNI Magnum 人脉公司 正式开启 Officially Launched! |

Business Networking International (BNI) Malaysia is a dynamic and influential chapter of the globally recognized BNI network.

 03 Nov 2023
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Sabah Printing Association 50th Anniversary Dinner | Company Event

Sabah Printing Association is a dynamic and influential organization dedicated to advancing the printing industry in the beautiful Malaysian state of

 13 Jul 2023
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Miss Kebaya Nusantara with MTPN | Company Social Responsibility (CSR)

Working together with Majlis Tindakan Pengguna Negara (MTPN)

It is an honor to be recognized and included in such a meaningful

 14 Jun 2023
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Ramadan Celebration | Company Event

"With unity comes strength"

Thank you to all our collegues, being with the company through both thick and thin.

 22 May 2023
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